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In the highly competitive international market place, quality is top priority. Quality in processec wood products means: superior performance in a variety of modern uses, durability in extreme enviromental conditions and the beauty of excellent appearance.

SHELMAN's definition of high quality is customer's satisfaction through maximum value for price paid. As the leader in its field in Greece, SHELMAN exports a wide range of wood products worlwide, to countries with geographical conditions and requirements - as diverse as - U.S.A., North Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

The success of SHELMAN wood products, internationally, is attributes to the company's commitment to quality, development of products which meet the requirements of foreign markets and the conditinuous effort to keep production costs low.


The fashion in colours



Fashion characterizes modern life in every aspect.
Fashion means evolution, transformation, rejuvenation, colour.
Fashion is everything that is new and innovative.

SHELMAN® one of the biggest wood processing manufacturer in Greece,
following the international trends of modern decoration,
proposes colours and wood designs for creations with style.

The fashion in colours

Offers a wide variety of choices in
design and colour combination
of Melamine and Postforming products.







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